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Mine has the dreaded steering issue. Now add the dreaded 'take it to the dealership' issue. Lesson? Two wrongs don't make it right. $1400 in repairs - and still, it just wonders where ever it wants to go. Dealership said it was an $800 steering pump. Internet sources say it's a crappy steering cylinder and a chewed up 50 cent o-ring. Dealership didn't care what the kubota internet forums had to say. Twoo hundred dollar cylinders and fifty-cent... Read more

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I purchased a Kubota Gr2120(advertised as a 21hp tractor) to replace an old Ariens 18 hp tractor that constantly needed repair. I need a tractor to cut grass,plow or throw snow and move fire wood. After spending a lot for the tractor I discovered it would not pull the trailer of fire wood up a hill. I had to get the old 18 hp Ariens to do the task. When Kubota was asked why their expensive machine could not perform the same as the 18hp Ariens I... Read more

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Bought two Kubota GR2100 mowers . One mower the rear end and transmission failed at 400hours. Sad to say the drive train failed before I wore out my first set of blades. Kubota admitted they has a problem , but never notified me. $3000.00 to repair and Kubota offered almost $300 worth of parts. Guaranteed I will never buy a orange tractor again. And the other GR2100 has 200 hours and leaking HS oil . Needless to say this one is doomed for... Read more

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I have bought my last new tractor and I picked a 5140 kubota.As far as the tractor if you look at how many I have bought you would know I'm no joke.I don't care for the fact that kubota isn't a bad tractor and in this day I think there the only that sill uses ther own engines.The way the dealers are I can't believe how these people are in business.Athens,Texas Athens Kubota is the worst.I have bought tractors RTV baling equipment cutters blades... Read more

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First issue: The day after we got the tractor, the belt that runs the whole thing broke. It was in the shop for about 3 weeks. We were not charged for this. It would have been VERY HARD for them to claim that when we had the tractor one day. Second issue: The high pressure hydrolic line under the tractor broke and leaked off ALL of the hydrolic fluid. The tractor dealer is claiming that we broke the line. Keep in mind, this is a 8560 -... Read more

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  • Apr 30, 2015
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Whoever own's Kubota needs to evaluate the Heartland Kubota in Carterville Illinois it has poor customer service and the Sales man Mike needs to be FIRED today because I will never set foot back in that store and I will never by a Kubota product again because of that salesman. Add comment

Since receiving my 20/20 it's been back to the shop 4 times. Thankfully still under the two year bumper to bumper. These trips included two transmission leaks and a complete meltdown of the gear box which operated the snow blower. On the first run ever on a good 2.5 feet of snow it dumped all of it's gear box lubricant and promptly seized up. I did not see my 20/20 again for - ready?- forty days in a winter which just kept on snowing. Now with... Read more

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I bought tractor(kubota L4508) at Dealers in District Khammam Sri Sai Ram Agro Tech Jithender Reddy S. Y.No, 74, Gopalapurem, (post) (OPP) YSR Party Office., Rotary Nagar, Wyra Road., Khammam Andhra Pradesh 507002, INDIA 8008336603 - We are not really happy with service provided by them. - They are not even caring the EUs requests. - Tractor is nowhere running, problems with the parts of the engine(smoke is coming high,... Read more

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Ordered a shaft for a Kubota for BL 2563 Snow Blower ,cost $183.00 Once I went to re-assemble I found that the step down of the bottom of shaft were the bearings and the main drive gear assembles was not the same spec size of old shaft ,Went back to dealer and he called Kubota the said that the bearings have been replaced with smaller ones at $50.00 each and these have replaced the NTN 15101, These bearing was the issue with the failure of the... Read more

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Kubota BX series tractors have no undercarriage protection against sticks piercing the plastic tranny fan. Despite numerous complaints, Kubota will not replace fan or rubber boot (also unprotected), and this company appears to have purposely excluded a protective shield for the undercarriage. $150 to transport my tractor and $200 to repair. Many farmers are able to fabricate and attach a homemade cover for this problem, but most of us wish... Read more

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